Kathy Custis – Citizen of the Year

Kathy Custis as she won Citizen of the Year at the Annual dinner of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce


The United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore was proud to nominate for Kathy Custis for Outstanding Citizen of the Year.  And very excited when she won!

Perdue PIc

Thank You, Perdue!


We would like to express our gratitude to Perdue. Thank you for your support!

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A Message from UWVES

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Dawn Byrd_Solo

Dawn Byrd New Executive Director of UW

UW Directors_with Names

The United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore announces Dawn Byrd of Onancock has been named Executive Director of the local chapter, succeeding Flo Bowers, who is retiring after 21 years in the position.

Dawn has long been involved in both the retail and non-profit sectors of the Eastern Shore, previously serving as Office Manager for Great Space, a design firm in Onancock, and Collections Manager for the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society. She also served as Manager at The Book Bin for 23 years.


In the News (9-24-13)

MELFA — Tony “T. J.” Washington has seen the world several times, even wears a World Football Championship ring from his playing days in Germany, in addition to being a member of six NFL teams, and yet he says he always points out he is from the Eastern Shore and never forgets the values taught by his parents, Tony Jr. and Earline Washington of Melfa…Click here to continue reading

Kick Off Breakfast (Square)

2013 UW ESVA Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast (9-12-13)

We had an outstanding campaign kick-off breakfast with a record breaking 100 attending! Thanks to our guest speaker, former NFL player T.J. Washington, and all who attended.


Who Donates to United Way?

People from all walks of life make donations to the United Way.  Here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where we have raised over over 5 million dollars in  pledges over the last 22 years, our donations come from the generosity of our residents and also from local businesses.

    • 90% employee and individual donations
    • 10% corporate and small business

Over 3,700 contributors gave last year.  Many people (about 3,400) take advantage of payroll deduction to give generously throughout the year.  If you haven’t choosen this option, ask your employer for details.  It’s an easy way to give back to the community.  You can select the amount you wish to give and it will automatically be deducted from each paycheck for one year.

Annual Campaign Dollars Raised – Historical Review

Since the inception of the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise funds that are allocated to local, non-profit organizations.  Curious about how much we have raised?  Here’s the breakdown…

History of Annual Campaign Dollars     Raised

YEAR                                  GOAL                              PLEDGES

1991                                    $100,000                          $  90,000

1992                                    $100,000                          $110,000

1993                                    $115,000                          $112,950

1994                                    $115,000                          $141,182

1995                                    $130,000                          $169,212

1996                                    $175,000                          $193,173

1997                                    $200,000                          $206,045

1998                                    $215,000                          $222,094

1999                                    $250,000                          $276,436

2000                                    $300,000                          $305,304

2001                                    $300,000                          $270,873

2002                                    $300,000                          $257,125

2003                                    $300,000                          $305,548

2004                                    $310,000                          $293,439

2005                                    $310,000                          $343,616

2006                                    $315,000                          $286,735

2007                                    $300,000                          $301,371

2008                                    $300,000                          $260,035

2009                                    $315,000                          $253,614

2010                                    $300,000                          $246,282

2011                                    $250,000                          $236,373

2012                                    $250,000                          $315,777

2013                                    $300,000                           $307,027

2014                                    $300,000                           $311,209

2015                                   $300,000                            $307,101

Total : $6,120,976


Participating Member Agencies

The donations that you make to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore are provided to local organizations to provide financial support as they carry out the mission of their organization.

Your donations support a wide variety of programs and services that are available to the residents of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  As you look over our list, you will likely find that someone in your life, perhaps even yourself, has been able to benefit from the services provided by these organizations.

Your continued support helps these organizations to provide their services.